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The World’s first online cartoon magazine.

Cartoonists Voice tM Award

tOOns MaG is the world's first online cartoon magazine. tOOns MaG is published in five different languages; English, Bengali, Arabic, Spanish and Hindi. More then 2000 cartoonist and writers are contributing in tOOns MaG. As an online cartoon magazine tOOns MaG was founded by ARIFUR RAHMAN on 1st of November 2009 in Bangladesh. tOOns MaG Publishing from Norway.


tOOns MaG believes in FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Our mission is to establish FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION all over the world through cartoons, and promote cartoons and cartoonists.


2015: Best of Online Activism Award in People's Choice Category (for Bengali Version of tOOns MaG), Deutsche Welle, Germany

Arifur Rahman

Founder & Publisher

Arifur Rahman

Founder & Publisher

Arifur Rahman is a Bangladeshi cartoonist living in Norway since 2010. He was imprisoned for a cartoon in a national paper in Bangladesh. ICORN and Cartoonist Rights Network made it possible for him to come to Norway as the first guest cartoonist (Fribytegner) ever. In Bangladesh he was best known as Cartoonist Arif. He contributed in national newspapers and television. From 2006 to 2008 he won four awards for his anti-corruption and satire cartoons.
As a child, he loved to draw. And he taught himself.
In April 2004, his first cartoon was published in one of the national newspapers. He was very happy and motivated to work as a cartoonist, so he drew everyday lots of cartoons and sent them to newspapers for publishing, political, satire and comic strip from 2004 to 2010.
2015: Winner of Pedro Memorial Grant from Tegnerforbundet, Norway.
2015: Best online activism award for tOOns MaG Bangla from Deutsche Welle, Germany.
2011: Award for animated short film TRY, Bangladesh.
2006 - 2008 he received 4 awards for his Anti-corruption cartoons.

Story behind tOOns MaG

In 2007, Arifur Rahman starts drawing for a Bangladeshi satirical magazine called Alpin. It was a child publication of a Bangladeshi newspaper. In Alpin one of his cartoons that made a joke about adding “Mohammad” to the beginning of a person’s name. The cartoon culminates in a young boy introducing his cat as “Mohammad Cat.” The cartoon, which was published during the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, ignited protests across Bangladesh and led to Arifur Rahman’s arrest. On the 18th of September Alpin was banned permanently and the editor of Alpin suspended. Bangladeshi Newspapers editors decided that they will never published his cartoon in the future. In prison Arifur Rahman wishes that when he will be free then he will start a magazine like Alpin. After six months and two days in prison for “hurting religious sentiments” he was freed, but found himself unable to publish his work.
One year later some newspaper published his cartoon but all of them published anonymously. Arifur Rahman wasn't happy to publish his cartoon anonymously. He always wishes to publish his cartoon by his own name. So, he tried to start a printed cartoon magazine but had not enough money. Then he decided to publish on internet, a cheap and easy way to get a global audience. In 2009 he started “tOOns MaG online cartoon Magazine”, the first cartoon magazine on Internet. Up till now published in five different languages.
tOOns MaG believes in Freedom Of Expression. Read about Cartoon Controversy Bangladesh 2007

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Voice of a Cartoonist

What I like about Toons Mag is that it has freely accepted my freedom of expression. Through brainstorming cartoon ideas on drawing pages, it has brought me closer to cartoonists I never knew existed. To me, Toons Mag is a galaxy of cartoonists that share their thoughts. It has made me grow in terms of creativity.
Cartoonist, Zambia

We believe in freedom of expression!
Express your artworks and yourself!

tOOns MaG Languages & Projects:

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  • tM Spanish
  • tM Norwegian (Coming Soon)
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  • Contest & Exhibition
  • E-Magazine (Coming Soon)

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