The 23rd Universitarian Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba/UNIMEP 2015, Brazil

REGULATION / 2015 SCHEDULE 01 – The 23th Universitarian Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba/UNIMEP, organized by the Universidade Metodista de P...


01 – The 23th Universitarian Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba/UNIMEP, organized by the Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba – UNIMEP (Methodist University of Piracicaba), will be held in accordance with the following schedule:
Applications until: May 23rd, 2015
Art selection: June 8nd, 2015
Awards: June 12th, 2015
02 – Only students enrolled in an under-graduate or graduate program, of any University or College acknowledged by its local government, can apply to the Universitarian Humor Exhibition. They must send the Application Form together with a document that can prove his enrollment in a University or College.
CHARGE: humoristic drawing related to a recent fact
CARTOON: humoristic drawing with no relation with any specific fact
CARICATURE: face reproduction with anatomic distortion, usually from a well-known person.
COMIC STRIP: sequential story in stages/frames.
SPECIAL: thematic category specific to humor artworks that deal with ENVIRONMENTAL / ECOLOGICAL issues.
There is no charge or cost for the application and it can be done in person or by electronic or regular mail.
03 – Each participant can apply to as many categories as he or she wishes, with no limit reganding the quantity of works sent. However, THEY MUST BE FROM HIS OWN AUTHORSHIP AND NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED BEFORE. In the cases where these conditions are not followed, the committee will proceed with the cancellation of the application or the annulling of the awards and the mentions received. In addition, the committee may decide to take legal action against the transgressor.
Obs 1: COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (photocopies, photography, heliography) of the artworks.
Obs 2: Artworks made in the computer and printed will be accepted since they follow the rules of authorship and must not have been published before.
Obs 3: Regardless of the number of works sent by the authors (free), there will be a limit for the selection of a maximum of 03 works by each artist in each category.
04 – The Artworks sent by email or delivered in person must respect the following observations: 30 x 40 centimeters (12x16 inches), no frames attached, identification in the overleaf containing first and last name, country, telephone, e-mail, the category in which the specific artwork is being submitted and the name of Educational Institute (write in print). The address is:
Salão Universitário de Humor de Piracicaba/UNIMEP
Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba
A/C: Laboratório de Comunicação
Rodovia do Açúcar, Km 156 - C. Taquaral
Caixa Postal 68 - CEP: 13400-911 Piracicaba/SP/Brasil
Telefone: 55 (19) 3124-1611
05 – Copies of the Application Form will be accepted if they are perfectly readable.
06 – The Artworks sent by e-mail to [email protected] must be formatted in JPEG, 300 dpi, limit file size: 2MB. Other procedures for sending an electronic file can be found
07 – The applications will be valid if, besides the observation of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th items, are received by the Organizational Committee until May 23th, 2015. For the application by mail, the date of postage will be considered.
08 – All valid Artworks applied will be submitted to a pre-selection process, and only these will be eligible for the awards.
Obs: All applied Artworks can be reproduced by UNIMEP with the purpose of promoting the Universitarian Humor Exhibition.
09 – The following awards will be granted:
a) Five (05) awards in cash of R$ 1.000,00 (one thousand Reais) each. Four of them will be given by the Award Jury. The fifth award will be granted to the winner of an open Internet Election. All categories are eligible for these awards.
b) One (01) Special/thematic Award “Meio Ambiente/Centro Cultural Martha Watts-Unimed”, in the value of R$ 1.000,00 (one thousand Reais), given to the best artwork that deals with ENVIRONMENTAL/ECOLOGICAL issues (according to the item “Categories”)
Note 1: Other awards and mentions can be created by the Organizational Committee.
Note 2 : CASH Prizes will only be deposited in Current Account (Individual) in the NAME OF ARTIST WINNER, who shall inform all data of that bank account to the Organizing Committee, after requested.
10 – The selection of the Artworks to be presented in the Exhibition and the selection of the winners will be conducted, respectively, by the Selection Jury and the Award Jury. Members of the Jury are people with acknowledgeable talent in the area.
11 The awarded Artworks in conformity with items 8 and 9, will be considered property of the Methodist University of Piracicaba. The ownership, utilization rights and any other rights over the Artwork will pertain to UNIMEP and Centro cultural Martha Watts-Unimed, that maintains to itself the right to use it as wanted.
12 – The non awarded Artworks can be withdrawn by the authors in person or by written permission to a third party in the period from August 24th to October 30th, 2015 in the same location mentioned in item 07. The Artworks can also be returned by mail; for that the author must send a written request authorizing the mailing of the work, which will be paid by the recipient.
13 The Organizational Committee and the Methodist University of Piracicaba are not responsible for eventual damage or loss of the artworks sent by mail.
14 – The formalization of the application will indicate that the participant is in accordance with this regulation.
15 – Problems not foreseen by this regulation will be solved by the Organizational Committee and the President of UNIMEP.
Registration Form on source.

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