7th International Cartoon Biennale Jiaxing 2015, China

Invitation of Works for the 7th Jiaxing International Cartoon Biennale, China 2015 Jiaxing, China International Cartoon Biennale, initiated...

Invitation of Works for the 7th Jiaxing International Cartoon Biennale, China 2015

Jiaxing, China International Cartoon Biennale, initiated in 2002, is an influential thematic cartoon exhibition known both home and abroad. Over the past 13 years, this exhibition has provided a platform for the promotion of cartoon and fine art, cultural exchange at international level, and the image of Jiaxing City. Now, with the joint effort of both China Artists Association and the Municipal Government of Jiaxing, the 7th Jiaxing, International Cartoon Biennale will be held in the city this October, and we are looking forward to meeting cartoonists from all over the world.
I. Theme: "My Dream"
II. Time: The opening ceremony of The 7th Jiaxing, International Cartoon Biennale will be held in the late October this year, at Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China.
III. Requirements for works
1. Sections: Works submitted will be divided into two sections:
Section A: 'My Dream'
Section B: no restriction on themes
2. Works submitted: Every participant can submit a maximum of 4 pieces of works, two for Section A and another two for Section B.
No limit to genres; either vertical or horizontal works are accepted.
The size of works must be within 450 × 290mm (the size of ink cartoon must be within 450 × 340mm), and the back of the work must be signed in Chinese with the following information: the painter's nationality, name, section of the work , title of the work, address, zip code, e-mail address, telephone number, a photocopy of the ID card, bank name and personal account (artists outside mainland China should provide remittance address, a photocopy of the passport, bank name, bank SWIFT code and personal account).
Please do make sure of all the information so that it'll be convenient to contact, send work albums, certificates and remittance etc. We will not resend any work albums, certificates and collection remuneration due to the failure of delivery thereof caused by incorrect information supplied by the participating artists.
3. Submission of works: The artists outside mainland China should send the original hand-drawn version of the work which will be returned to the artist if not selected. Mainland China artists can either send hand-drawn works or submit works via e-mail. If works sent via e-mail passes the first screening process, we will notify the artists to send the hand-drawn version to compete in the forthcoming contest.
4. The deadline: From now on to Aug 31ST, 2015 (according to the postmarks).
5. Contact information:
Contact: Mr. Wang Xinyu / Ms. Liu Ping
Address: Jiaxing Art Gallery, Zhonghe Road, Nanhu District, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China Zip code: 314000 E-mail: [email protected] Tel .: 86-573-82031837, 82071601.
IV. Selection of Winners
1. Up to 120 pieces of works will be chosen to be exhibited in the Biennale.Assessment will be conducted by a panel comprising experts appointed by China Artists Association.
30 pieces of works will be given 'Award for Excellence', including 15 pieces of 'Best Theme Works' and 15 pieces of 'Best Free Creativity Works'. The prize money of these works will be USD500 each (for overseas works) or RMB3000 each (for works by artists from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan).
90 pieces of works will be awarded 'Selected Works' and the prize for these works will be USD250 each (for overseas works) or RMB1500 each (for works by artists from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan).
2. All works selected will be collected by Jiaxing Art Gallery. All prize winners will be given certificates along with a copy of Album of Works.
3. Rights of the Organizing Committee: the committee shall reserve the rights of exhibiting, researching, photographing, videoing, publishing and promoting all works selected by the Biennale.
V. Organizing institutions:
1. Sponsors: China Artists Association, the Municipal Government of Jiaxing
2. Supporters: China Artists Association Cartoon Committee, Zhejiang Artists Association, Jiaxing Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Jiaxing Municipal Administration of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press & Publication, Chinese Comic Base
3. Executive Supporters: Jiaxing Art Gallery, Jiaxing Artists Association
4. Cooperation Organizations: Zhejiang Artists Association, and other Jiaxing based institutions (to be determined)
5. Organizing Committee
Honorary Director: Liu Dawei
Directors: Wu Changjiang, Xiao Peisheng
Vice Directors: Xu li, Xu Pengfei, Chen Yueqiang, Chai Yongqiang
Secretary-generals: Ding Jie, Wang Yiwei, Luo Xianyue
Vice Secretary-generals: Mei Qilin, Jin Qinlong
Committee Members (in the order of Chinese surnames strokes): Ma Xuewen, Wang Guohua, Chen Shuanghu, Chen Jianjiang, Yu Zhida, Xian Yi, Hu Jing, He Xuan, Ling Jiachun, Xia Dachuan
Organizing Committee Office: Directors: Xian Yi, Xia Dachuan, Hu Jing
Vice Directors: He Xuan, Chen Shuanghu, Ma Xuewen, Ling Jiachun
Exhibition Editors: Yang Lei, Wei Xi, Kong Yuehua.
VI. Notes
Submitted works by any artist to the Biennale shall be deemed as acceptance to all the regulations included in this notice. The Organizing Committee shall reserve all the rights of interpretation to all the articles above.
The Organizing Committee of the 7th Jiaxing International Cartoon Biennale.
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