Ragai Wanis

Ragai Wanis  Egypt: Born in Beni Suef, finished primary and secondary education. Joined Cairo Fine Arts College, studied painting unti...

Ragai Wanis 
Born in Beni Suef, finished primary and secondary education.
Joined Cairo Fine Arts College, studied painting until graduated in 1960
Worked as a part time cartoonist in September 1955 for the magazine ' El Ethnein Wal Donia ' at Dar Alhelal
Joined ' Sabah El Kheir magazine ' in 1956.
Sent by the magazine to Japan and Hong Kong in 1962 to draw his impression and publish.
Fell in love with Japan and was determined to go there again to experience Japanese art and culture.
Left Egypt in  January 1964 to go to Japan.

Lived in the ancient capital of Kyoto
Joined the Art College to study Lacquer Ware ' Urushi '.
Had a first joint exhibition with the Japanese artist Matsura in Osaka.
Had several solo and joint exhibitions in Kyoto, the last of which was opened by the Egyptian Ambassador in Japan ( see my second book ' Samurai From The Nile ' )
Taught English conversation, then joined the staff at Osaka University of Foreign Studies to teach Egyptian Spoken Arabic conversation for two years.
Translated several commercial projects from English to Arabic.
Left Japan end of September 1967 via Siberia, Moscow, Scandinavia, Germany, to Paris.

Lived in Paris from end of 1967 to Sept. 1968
Participated in 2 group exhibitions and sold two of his paintings.
Married in Paris
Left Paris for a brief stay in London.

Arrived in Australia in Nov. 1968
Helped to establish The Creative Expression Unit in the Psychiatric Hospital of Graylands.
Designed the building of a new unit which became the biggest rehabilitation unit in Australia in 1975 .
Spent more than 25 years working for the unit, the last seven and half years as the head of the unit until early retirement in 1995 .
Participated in several art exhibition and had one solo exhibition in the cities of Perth and Fremantle.
Retired early in 1995 because of wife's serious illness.
Spends time doing voluntary work, paint, draw, and write..
Published two books on Japan and finished manuscripts for other books in Arabic and English. Most unpublished.
Still alive ...!

News: Second international cartoon contest and exhibition, Norway 2017


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