1st Salzburg caricature price /Austria2015

1st Salzburg caricature price /Austria 2015 Sharpened your pencils or pulls out the spring: We are looking for the best (young) cartooni...

1st Salzburg caricature price /Austria 2015
Sharpened your pencils or pulls out the spring: We are looking for the best (young) cartoonists!
Do you have an idea or opinion, a commentary on any any topic that you want to communicate visually in a few strokes?
A cartoon offers exactly this way to express much in compressed form, and embodies not least because for centuries the essence of art, expression and press freedom.
Until now nobody has! [email protected].  ">Send us your caricature including a completed entry form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">[email protected]. The Salzburger cartoons price is supported by other non-profit organizations and artists like Gerhard Haderer and Thomas Wizany, whereby the young cartoonists can count on a broad social majority.An intergenerational jury composed of representatives of the students, the Austrian Student Union, the Chamber of Labour and the People's Aid will select the winners. In addition to the numerous awards each participant at the award ceremony will be rewarded with a gift.
We wish all participants and the interested public caricature of luck and a lot of fun on 1 Salzburger cartoon competition!
FAQ / Terms of Participation
What does "caricature"?The cartoon can be what you produce as a caricaturist, create or can think in principle "all". The Caricature Museum Krems is the European meaning of the word for "caricature" as a collective term for image satires, comics, manga, cartoons and caricatures. In German usage, particularly in the media, the "caricature" is used as a collective term for pictorial satire, cartoon, funny drawing and political graphics.In this cartoon competition it is important to note:    only an overall picture
    with a maximum size of A3
    only a caricature (not multiple images)
    only an image, that is, No images sequences as in a comic
    No photographs
    and no digital works (ie only a hand-drawn caricature).Of course, no images are taken, the only consist of "doodles" for example, just a stick figure or the like.
Caricatures are characterized by the fact that they want to convey a message / message. Thus, for example, a critique thus often presented in a humorous way and in a compressed pictorial form. Usually the cartoon works with the means of distortion or exaggeration such as "Exaggerating the physiognomy of a person by presenting an extremely exaggerated big nose". Furthermore, a caricature also requires no additional detailed / extensive explanatory text, in order to understand them. Please note this detail when reporting.Do you still have any questions? Are you not quite sure what is a caricature? [email protected] ">Then your questions MAKE simply us at any time: [email protected]
Who can participate in the cartoon competition?Everybody can participate in the cartoon contest. This caricatures price nationally, that is, everyone can participate from anywhere in the world. The deadline is August 31, 2015. From all submitted works awarded the jury, made up of a member of the student council, a member of the Austrian Students' Union and a member of the People's Aid and a member of the Chamber of Labour, the / the winner / In (1.- 3rd prize and prizes). Any person may submit only once. Per person a picture - Group work is not allowed.
How and by when the cartoons may be [email protected] or transmitted to the address of MARK.freizeit.kultur, Hannakstraße 17, A-5023 Salzburg.">The deadline is August 31, 2015. The cartoons can be sent by e-mail to [email protected] or transmitted to the address of MARK.freizeit.kultur, Hannakstraße 17, A-5023 Salzburg. Apart from the cartoon to the participants / inside are (name, address, telephone number. And e-mail address) mitzuschicken on the entry form.Those interested can see the cartoons submitted to the MARK website. Feedback and questions regarding cartoons price may at any time be sent via e-mail to us.
Possible topics?Cartoons can be, for example contributions on various topics / areas:    Politics, economy, worldviews, artistic and cultural fields
    Opinions, experiences, or future predictions Ideas
    Prominent example Politicians, singers, actors
    Everyday experiences as out of school, during training, at work, during leisure time
    Exercising criticism representing Humoooor, etc. etc.All areas can be addressed in principle, of the art, on language to literature, music, art, science or politics and economics. Legal requirements (no discrimination, personal threats, slander, etc.) must be complied with.    "There can not be enough people who express themselves humorously to our world."(Gerhard Haderer)
What's allowed / not allowed?Basically, everything is permitted because of the arts and freedom of expression. We do at the same time points out that more considerate or more diplomatic representations made to individuals or sensitive events we will not be judged as an act against the arts and freedom of expression.Each participant is obliged not to misuse the participation in the cartoon competition, in particular:- Not to disseminate defamatory, offensive or unlawful in any other way * material or information. Unlawful texts or image materials (eg. Child pornography) will in no way be accepted.- Not to use the cartoon contest to threaten others, to harass or the rights (including moral rights) to violate other.- Submit no cartoons that are copyrighted, unless the author has assigned the rights to the participant or it is the required consent before.
License transfer and copyright A license transfer of the cartoon is not provided. The submitted cartoon is presented only in relation to the competition. The copyright remains with the caricature cartoonists. We need for the duration of the exhibitions on loan or made available the original, but will return them after the opening / exhibition to the artist.The cartoon competition is intended to represent any political, ideological or other business-based advertising platform, that is illegal, inhuman content within the meaning of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) or product placement will not be tolerated here.
Disclaimer The organizer of the exhibitions / openings shall not be liable for damage, loss or theft of submitted and exhibited original works. This disclaimer is not limited by the fact that a general security of the premises is carried out by our employees. This also applies to transport to the respective venues of the exhibition and already during construction and by the end of the dismantling of the exhibition works submitted. However, we assure to treat the originals filed in good faith with care and hope to be able to organize a smooth touring exhibition course. However, each participant and each participant at the exhibition may independently take out insurance for his / her filed work.
What prizes can be won?
Prize money:    1st Place: 300,00 EUR
    2nd Place: 200,00 EUR
    3rd Place: 100,00 EURPrizes:    2 x signed illustrated books by Gerhard Haderer
    1 x signed book by Thomas Wizany
    10 x character sets (worth EUR 24.99 / per set)
    1 x drawing course (worth EUR 99.00)
    Vouchers of my indigo - watch out! For the first 10 submitter Inside there my indigo vouchers to be won!
    Certificates of Uncle VanVernissage / Exhibition:    Art Gallery of MARKOther Exhibiting Opportunities (collection / exhibition from November 2015 to autumn 2016) are still in the planning stage (hence no guarantee):    Austrian Student Union / University of Salzburg Unipark
    Salzburg, city building at Mozartplatz 5 (Culture Department)
    University Library Salzburg
    City Library Salzburg
    Salzburg AG (Rotunda)...
When and where the ceremony will take place?On October 31, 2015 at 15:00 clock, the award ceremony and opening and a panel discussion with among others Gerhard Haderer, Thomas Wizany and Andrea Lacher Bryk in the function room of MARK.freizeit.kultur, in Hannakstraße 17, A-5023 Salzburg, take place.The Salzburger cartoons price is a cooperation of MARK.freizeit.kultur with Labour Salzburg, Salzburg student union, student union and Volkshilfe Salzburg Salzburg.

News: Second international cartoon contest and exhibition, Norway 2017


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