Mohammed Saba`aneh

Mohammed Saba`aneh PERSONAL DATA: Name: Mohamad Abed El-Ghani Fayeq Saba`aneh Date/Place of Birth: 09 Jan 1979, Kuwait Nation...

Mohammed Saba`aneh


Name: Mohamad Abed El-Ghani Fayeq Saba`aneh
Date/Place of Birth: 09 Jan 1979, Kuwait
Nationality: Palestinian


College Education:
Bachelor in Fine Art/Décor & Inertial Design (1997 – 2002)
An-Najah University – Nablus- Palestine


Al Hayat Newsletter- the main canonists up to now
VJ movement cartoon website- up to now
Al Hadath Newsletter
Al Ghad Newsletter- Jordan
Al Itehad Emirati Newsletter  
Aqlam Newsletter. Jordan
Al Najah University Newsletter, Palestine
Al Arab Newsletter, London


Personal Exhibition in addition to lecture at Bilbao, Spain 2014.
Personal Exhibition “Zenzaneh 28” at Khalil Skakini Cultural Center Nov, 2013.
Personal Exhibition "Halet Shaghab" traveled around four Palestinian cities, Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah,  Haifa, and Amman, May 2007 – May 2008.
Participate in the International exhibition of Press Freedom at Qatar -2012.
Participate and cooperate in Palestine History Exhibition for cartoon at Spain 2012.the exhibition includes number of participations from Palestinian cartoonists including Imad Hajaj, Naser Al Jafari, and Naji Al Ali cartoons, that the exhibition was mobilized in Spain cities.
Participate at the International Cartoons Exhibition for Gaza which was held at Jordan January 2009
Participate at Gaza exhibition which was held at Syria January 2009.
Participate in the Southern Lebanon Dahyeeh Exhibition, after the Lebanon war October 2008.
Exhibition in cooperation with  the Artist Mohammad Abu Azezeh in Sculpture under the name of "JADAL" at the Arab American University 2004
Six Exhibitions specialized in caricature art  in An-Najah University and other Universities 2000 - 2002
Participate in Exhibition for the Canadian Artists Traveled all around the Canadian universities 2001


Third prize winner in the Arab Cartoon Award for the year 2013.
First prize winner in the Arabic level in the contest of "Esmak Ya Bladi" for graphic designs-United Arab Emirate 2007
Second prize winner for Al Badil award for the right of retain back poster (2007)
First prize winner of "PHG" poster Awards for its 20 universally.2007
Honored by UHCC for the perfect poster talks about separated wall. 2007
Honored by Media development Center, Birzeit University, and Palestine, as one of remarkable journalism.
A prize winner for the Awards by Panorama in caricature field 2004


Printed out and published his first book in Cartoons in French language
Printed out and published the second book of Cartoon in Jordan (Halet Shaghab)
Participate in There is More than One Truth Cartoon book.


One of the founders of Palestinian Creative Home 2006 - 2007
Membership of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society in Design and Inertial graphic field 2006
Jury member in the first award for Ministry of pal .media in the Department of Cartoons 2007
Member of Al Awdah jury – Badil Palestinian Institution for the two years 2010-2011.
Member of Palestinian Water authority Art competition for the year 2011


Cartoon workshops for children
Production of Children story
Journalism photography
Publishing of number of articles to be published on internet websites, national and internationals magazines.
Cartoon and mental thinking workshops given to the art teachers at the directorate of education at government schools.
Lecturing at Al Najah National University in cartoon topic.
Participate at American Cartoonists Conference – Oregon, USA.
Conduct training with international Artists in Al Hakawati camp for the creative children 2004

Web Page: 

News: Second international cartoon contest and exhibition, Norway 2017


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