How to Draw a Christmas Deer

Tutorial by  Dawn Darko, United States STEP 1. Like always we will make some basic guidelines and shapes which will end up looking like...

Tutorial by Dawn Darko, United States
STEP 1. Like always we will make some basic guidelines and shapes which will end up looking like a mannequin in animal form. Start with the shapes for the head, neck, and body, then add the guidelines for the legs.

 STEP 2. You will keep the thickness of the neck the same width of the guides you made in step three. Sketch out the shape of the head, snout, and neck like so, then draw in the nose tip, and deer ear which is in a downward slop.
 STEP 3. Simple step here. All you have to do is draw the eye completely (eyeball, iris, pupil), and then draw a simple mouth line followed by the actual cartilage lined ear lobes.
 STEP 4. For the next step, we will work on getting those massive reindeer antlers drawn out. I was going for the big Santa reindeer style, so there is at least three tiers of horns. Sketch in the antler detailing, then move to step five.
 STEP 5. For this step you will start by drawing the two toned marking line on the neck, followed by the deer's scarf. Hey, even deer get cold.
 STEP 6. Proceeding to step six, draw out the front legs and hooves, and when you do this make sure that the actual bone structure is added with the lining.
 STEP 7. Continuing with the body, sketch out the rest of the shape by chiseling away and forming the structure. Draw in the thighs and back legs as well as the shape of the hoof.
 STEP 8. Lastly, draw the other back leg, hoof and then the tail. You will sketch in the marking line on the belly, then sketch in some definition on the hocks, ankles, and tail. Erase the mistakes that you made along the way.
 STEP 9. Here it is, a wonderful drawing of a Christmas style reindeer. Color him/her in then show it off by displaying it somewhere nice.

Tutorial by Dawn Darko, United States

News: Second international cartoon contest and exhibition, Norway 2017


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