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I was born in Izmir (Turkey) in 1966.  I was graduated from Department of painting at 9 Eylül University, Faculty of Education.  I have b...

I was born in Izmir (Turkey) in 1966.  I was graduated from Department of painting at 9 Eylül University, Faculty of Education.  I have been working as an visual arts teacher for twenty five years I continued to make watercolor and oilcolor paintings  for a long time. I  opened various individual exhibitions  and participated in joint painting exhibitions.
    I completely have turned  to draw cartoons and caricatures at last years. I often participate to national and international contests. I have a lot of works that won prizes, exhibited and selected to the albums (as national and international).
    A lot of works by me are  published in humor magazines and art magazines in Turkey, in Eulenspiegel Humor Magazine and Stern magazine (Germany), in New Internationalist magazine and  7Days newspaper (United Kingdom), in Al Nas daily newspaper (Iraq). Also as the cover of  edition dec-jan of Smarteemag-2013 (France-Paris) and as the cover of the book titled “Burası Türkiye” by Prof. Dr. Erol Özmen-2010. Also they are exhibited a lot of times in Underground Exhibitions in Berlin,  in the special exhibitions  (Spain, Brazil, Bulgaria  and Italy).  I have opened my first individual cartoon and caricature exhibition in Buca Cultural Center at 19th-25th october 2009 and I have participated a lot of times in joint exhibitions. My second individual exhibition was organized  by İzmir Üniversity in Necdet Doganata Art Gallery at 4-7th march 2015. And my third individual exhibition was organized by Karaburun Municipality in Cartoon House (april 2015).
   Also I have organized two international cartoon exhibitions in 2010.

2008 -  The 2nd prize-  İ.B.B. "Books and Libraries" themed national cartoon competition.
2008 -  Award of Excellence in China (LM).
2009 - The Best Cartoon Prize in Korea (DICACO).
2010 -  Honorable mention in the international cartoon competition "Beer" themed  (The Golden Keg) – Slovakia.
2011 -  "Silver prize" in 7th Syria International cartoon competition themed "Plastic Surgery".
2012 -  “Golden Pulya” in 5th Cyprus Aysergi Pulya International Festival.
2013-  “Special Prize” in HumoDEVA international cartoon competition- Romania.
2013-  “Grand Prize” in cartoon competition themed “ Building Bridges” organized by National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia-USA.
2014-  “Success Award” in 31st Aydın Dogan international cartoon competition.
2014-  “Special Award”  in 7th Oscarfest cartoon contest-Croatia.
2015-  “Special Award” in 4th International Olive Cartoons Contest - Cyprus

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News: Second international cartoon contest and exhibition, Norway 2017


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