Štěpánka Jislová

EDUCATION BcA., alma mater Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, University of West Bohemia (Illustration and Graphics, specializa...


BcA., alma mater Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, University of West Bohemia (Illustration and Graphics, specialization Comics and Illustration for children)


2015 comics exhibition Generation 2.0, Prague
2015 comics exhibition Risha, Transeuropa Festival, Beograd
2015 comics exhibition Salon Stripa SKC, Beograd
2015 comics exhibition Superheroes of Eastern Block
2015 exhibition Pohlednice, opencall The Value of Art, festival Seš-lost
2015 exhibition Saudade, gallery Prokopka, Prague
2015 exhibition Postcards, opencall Value of Art, festival Seš-lost
2014 exhibition The Girls‘ war at Martinice
2014 comics exhibition CZ COMICS at Brno
2014 comics exhibition at Moscow Comics Festival
2014 exhibition of Sketch Battle participants, Pilsen
2014 exhibition Timelessness at the Obnaženi festival in Chomutov
2014 exhibition Microstories at the Obnaženi festival in Chomutov
2014 comics exhibition of all previous comics work at Creative Gate, Prague
2014 exhibition Genius Loci at Fabio Festival, Třebíč
2014 exhibition Toilet literature at the Kruh festival, Ústí nad Lab.
2014 exhibition FIGURAMA14, Pilsen
2013 exhibition Pecha Kucha Night, Pilsen
2013 exhibition of comics in Bulgarian cities of Burgas, Plovdivu, Veliko Turnovo Ruse and Sophia
2012 exhibition Shenanigans, Třebíč


2014 1. place in CZ.COMICS, comics competition for young comics authors
2014 award for outstanding University of West Bohemia project
2014 award of KIŠA magazine in Salon Stripa comics competition 2014
2013 1. place in the comics competition of Centre of Visual History Malach
2013 residency in Bulgaria for young comics authors
2012 1. place in the Figure out comics! competition


2015 publication of All Dead Things in Komiksfest
2015 publication of The Succession in Bobla
2015 publication of How I killed myself in Aargh! n. 14
2015 publication of Sweet Dreams in Bubble Zin n.5
2014 publication of The Tree in the magazine Aargh! n.13
2014 publication of The Most Precious Gift in the 6thcompilation of Czech Manga Authors
2014 publication of Little Heroes in the magazine Caves n.3
2013 publication of Home in the 5thcompilation of Czech Manga Authors


2015 Intern-ship in Czech Center Brussels (three months)
2015 Comics symposium Superheroes of Eastern block
2015 To Remember! Restauration project of Nazi camp, Chelmno, Poland
2014 internship at DRAWetc.studio
2014 SKETCH/SEISMIC, visualization of public space improvement
2014 International workshop - The Week of Graphic Design TOP vol. 4
2013 Comics residency in Czech Center Sophia


2015 Short comics forms, Komiksfest, Ústí nad Labem - workshop
2015 International design market Pop and Shop, Belgium
2014 Member of European Capital of Culture Plzeň 2015
2013 The body of a comics strip – workshop, Bulgaria
2012 Multicultural festival Kamfest, Kamnik, Slovinia
2012 Graphic techniques and Street Art - workshop


Language knowledge

English – B2 (2010 – FCE certificate)
French – B1
Russian – A2
Sign language – A2

 PC knowledge

- MS Windows, MS Office, Internet
- Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign
- CAD program

News: Second international cartoon contest and exhibition, Norway 2017


Cartoonist 8582228272541627636

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