The Black Panther Drawing Tutorial

Step 1. Start off with a horrible basic shape, just to get the pose right. Step 2. Now construct the outline based on what you previ...

Step 1. Start off with a horrible basic shape, just to get the pose right.

Step 2. Now construct the outline based on what you previously sketched. Also make his head first.

Step 3. Now just make the remaining details.

Step 4. On to the shading part. Since this was a fairly detailed drawing, I chose not to shade the whole thing in one go and then add details to an individual part.So I only worked on certain sections from start to finish. Begin with the head by thickening the lines inside of the outline. Then make a slight shadow on the same as I did. These will be the darkest areas.

Step 5. Using a blending stump, blend the shaded areas.

Step 6. Now darken the same areas a bit more. The reason I didn't make them this dark in the first place is that when you use a dark pencil directly on the paper you get some little white spots, from the texture of the paper.

Step 7. Now darken the rest.

Step 8. Do the same thing for the area above the necklace, leave the necklace alone for now.

Step 9. On to the shoulder. Darken the lines you already have on your sketch. You will use them to guide yourself when making another series of much smaller and complex ones.

Step 10. Now hatch in a circular motion on the darker areas. Just to give you a bit of volume. After you're done, blend it.

Step 11. Use a darker pencil to give more volume and detail. Highlight with an eraser if you must.

Step 12. The process is exactly the same for the rest. Thicken the lines, add new ones.

Step 13. Hatch the dark areas and blend them.

Step 14. Use a darker pencil for more shadows and volume.

Step 15. Now on to the left half of the chest and abdomen. This is a big area, so take your time. The process is the same.

Step 16. Slightly shade the area.

Step 17. Now make it darker.

Step 18. Because what's left is a fairly small area, I decided to do it all at once.

Step 19. Hatch and smudge.

Step 20. Darken it some more.

Step 21. Make a cloudy background.

Step 22. Finally, shade the necklace and you're done.

News: Second international cartoon contest and exhibition, Norway 2017


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