Why cartoons are important to illustrate an article?

Cartoon by  Grigory KATZ, Israel Illustrations, for commercial artists, show a detailed value which brings them to the fulfillment of ...

Cartoon by  Grigory KATZ, Israel

Illustrations, for commercial artists, show a detailed value which brings them to the fulfillment of a higher level of sovereignty to express them. Illustrations are associated with commercial arts which are made for particular industries. There are different types of illustrations available which are used in articles, some of which include book illustrations, multimedia ventures like cinemas and televisions, specific designs, caricature, cartooning among several others.

These illustration designs are efficient ways of communications because they express a message and stand for a notion like a cartoon or a mascot. Illustrations are meant to capture the attention of guests when they are included in an article – readers are persuaded to read on. When illustrations are used in an article for online content, a lot of visitors will stay and browse the website.

Cartoons and comics serve as a way of engaging participants by adding humor and providing a unique and colorful visual perception on articles that may make it easier to retain. It has been shown that people are more creative and learn better when feeling relaxed and in a humorous mood. Cartoons can help take the bite out of every single serious topic such as sexual harassment and discrimination. They can be used to include funny feelings to some topics that may be too close for comfort, examples of which are morality and self-esteem. Cartoons and comics can also be used to speak a truth that might be upsetting without the cloak of humor.

In each situation, these illustrations (cartoons, comics, and caricatures) makes it possible to discuss personal matters in an article without making the participants feel that they are being judged for their choices or behavior and also without making them feel that they are under personal attack. As we admit the reality of the message, we laugh together while reading an article with these illustrations, sometimes with tears in our eyes. The use of comics, caricature, and cartoons makes it possible for us to open up and be more honest with each other.

Cartoons, comics, and caricatures are such effective communicators! They are one of the most available effective means of communication. They are used to convey a message far more quickly than a written notification. An example is that you don’t need to be able to read before you understand what message a cartoon conveys. This makes cartoon and illustrations an ideal medium to reach a really wide public. Most public service communications do contain cartoons illustrations in their messages, or to lay more emphasis on some of the written content of the message. This is done to just to ensure that everybody both the literate, illiterate or non-native speaking will grasp the meaning of the message.

Cartoons also have our youthful associations with happiness, humor, and fun, and can serve to relax the audience in a potentially tense or dull meeting. They serve as an icebreaker, uniting your audience with the pleasure of shared communication and humor. The use of cartoon is particularly good when working with a group of audience who don’t know each other. Cartoon usage in presentations or as a motivational tool will encourage the audience to respond to your messages.

In all, cartoon usage is very useful in article writing as it helps to convey messages to everybody in a very funny way. To grab a lot of attention to your articles or website, you can start the use of cartoons, comics, caricatures, and illustrations.

Article by Samantha Smith and Cartoon by F Dost Mohamad

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