EMC Partners Can Earn Certification in Three Unique Tracks

EMC Partners Can Earn Certification in Three Unique Tracks

Partnership with EMC is a unique and beneficial experience, to both EMC and the company or individual. Partners play an important role in EMC in continuing the success they have accumulated over many years in existence. Today, as they remain a top education and certification option among IT professionals in the information storage and management field, partners are the backbone of their success. Partner programs are located around the globe and offer comprehensive benefits. To find an entire list of partners available in numerous business focuses, and to find out more about how to become a partner, visit the partner portal at EMC’s website.

As part of their certification program, EMC offers three tracks that only partners can take part in Technology Architect, Platform Engineer, and Implementation Engineer. These tracks are highly specialized and offer a unique career that can be manipulated, differentiated, and concentrated in specific areas of expertise. Each is very similar in the organization – upon earning the Information Storage and Management associate certification (the Backup Recover certification is also available for the Technology Architect and Implementation Engineer tracks at the associate level), candidates can continue on to earn specialist and expert certifications in programs, technologies, and solution competencies. 

Participation and certification in these tracks depend entirely on the individual. One or several certifications can be earned. With each certification earned, more knowledge will be obtained and more skills validated to increase your job possibilities. Besides, partners are open to earn whichever other certification they would like, including ones that are open to customers and all interested participants. These three unique tracks are just some of the benefits that partnership with EMC has to offer. Go online to find out more about EMC’s partner programs and the related certification pathways.

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