The Best Works of Cartoonist Khalil

By Tanim Ishtiak The cartoon, particularly political cartoon is an inevitable part of modern journalism. A cartoonist expertly depict...

By Tanim Ishtiak

The cartoon, particularly political cartoon is an inevitable part of modern journalism. A cartoonist expertly depicts the current events to convey a social or political message. In Bangladesh, Khalil is one such cartoonist who is very popular. Khalil’s cartoons need no introduction to the audience as they have been regularly publishing on the front page of national dailies for more than a decade.

Khalil can typically combine artistic skill, hyperbole and satire in order to question authority and draw attention to corruption and other social ills. His humorous out-looking on contemporary events and presentation of those with an easy and attractive way is very much accepted to the readers and political analysts.

Khalil’s cartoon is an ongoing story of democratic crisis of Bangladesh, as well as the world which offers intriguing and entertaining insights into the public mood. His works are simple line drawings, usually with a humorous stroke, which may be captioned or left untitled usually based upon day to day news and current affairs of national or international topics.

Cartoonist Khalil

Khalil’s courage has come to the light by drawing cartoons of caretaker government backed by army and external forces after one-eleven. He expertly compares the state, Bangladesh, to a car which shows us that Mr. Fakhruddin, the chief adviser of caretaker government is on the driving seat but is being run by foreign direction.

Khalil is interested in drawing the internal figure of every event which is constantly remained invisible to the public. Many of his cartoons depict fighting against political violence and corruption. He uses his simple paintbrush to save democracy and to establish the rule of law. In a cartoon he shows that how democracy is being ravaged by political violence. In this cartoon, the little birds of democracy are crying for help while their nest is being burnt by political fire. Khalil also attempts to show alleged failure of Anti Corruption Commission and its wrong technique to prevent corruption.

Recently a collection of Khalil’s cartoons has been published. The book titled ‘The Best of Khalil’ contains forty eight thought-provoking and attractive cartoons published in various issues of national newspapers. There are valuable comments and wishes about the works of Khalil from nationally and internationally famous cartoonists- Rafikun Nabi (Ranabi), Shishir Bhattacharya, the editorial cartoonist of The Guardian Martin Rowson, American Pulitzer prize winner cartoonist Steve Sack and the political cartoonist of South China Morning Post Harry Harrison in the book.

The works of the book cover the government’s action, the role of opposition, throwing mud at each other by two top female leaders, Ershad’s somersault, mass protest against Jamaat-e Islami, black cat, load shedding, traffic jam, price hike, crippling economy and the ultimate helplessness of people. Khalil is also aware of international events. So he tells the inside of international politics through his cartoons. The book contains the fall of Hosni Mubarak and Gaddafi, Russian annexation of Crimea, military coup in Egypt; US war in Iraq and so on.

However, the positive thinker Khalil is always hopeful for the nation and the people. So he draws that Bangladesh keeps moving ahead despite many obstacles. ‘The Best of Khalil’ is available at . The price is tk 150 only.

Here is some of his cartoons: Khalil's Cartoons

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